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Ginnski's Icons

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~Supa Dupa Size~

Super sperm [Mon., Jan. 10th, 2005
At 10:12 pm]

Taylor Hanson's super sperm

~2 - Supa Dupa Size~

Life As We Know It [Thu., Oct. 14th, 2004
At 11:17 pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Sorry I've been gone so long. Didn't have internet at my dorm for a long while. If you had any icon requests, please request again here.

And here's 3 icons from the new ABC show Life As We Know It

Template by peaz_inc

Template by fawniesicons

~23 - Supa Dupa Size~

Zac icons [Sat., Jul. 24th, 2004
At 7:49 pm]


+ 5 moreCollapse )

Yeah... this is in a different style from what I normally do (Note they all have a white background thingy.). I was just playing around with PSP. Comment if taking any. Credit is appreciated, although I won't force it, lol.

~3 - Supa Dupa Size~

Help? [Tue., Jul. 20th, 2004
At 9:43 pm]

I need to learn how to make those types of icons that everyone actually likes, lol. I wish I could make text curve all cool like everyone likes... but I don't think that can be done with PSP7?

~14 - Supa Dupa Size~

[Tue., Jul. 20th, 2004
At 2:25 am]

I was messing with some Hanson pictures on PSP. And I ended up with these icons.
Templates are by malice_of_mija.
Comment, credit is appreciated.

1. 2.

+ 6 moreCollapse )

~Supa Dupa Size~

Mmm [Mon., Jul. 19th, 2004
At 6:58 pm]

Sexy Taylor belly.

Template is by malice_of_mija

~20 - Supa Dupa Size~

4 Hanson icons [Mon., Jul. 12th, 2004
At 5:36 pm]

All from the same pic.
If you can't see them, it's because photobucket is an ass. Check back in a bit... when photobucket stops being so stupid.

The other 3Collapse )

Comment if you take any! Credit is appreciated, but not required!

~60 - Supa Dupa Size~

50 icons! [Mon., Jun. 28th, 2004
At 5:20 pm]

My internet died and in that time I made 50 icons!

HansonCollapse )

MiscCollapse )

Ben JelenCollapse )

Brendan Leonard ShowCollapse )

Comment if you take any!!
Credit is appreciated, but not required!

~25 - Supa Dupa Size~

Hanson [Tue., Jun. 22nd, 2004
At 10:04 pm]

8 Hanson icons with... neat backgrounds, lol.

So comment if you take any.
Credit please, just because these took a bit longer than make than usual. But I won't kill you if you don't credit, heh.
whurledpeaz made all the backgrounds. So if you're crediting me, then you should probably credit her too. =)

The iconsCollapse )

~Supa Dupa Size~

Popple [Tue., Jun. 22nd, 2004
At 1:06 am]

Template was made by whurledpeaz

Comment if you want to use.

~4 - Supa Dupa Size~

No smoking [Tue., Jun. 22nd, 2004
At 12:15 am]

This icon was very... random.
A cookie to who knows where the picture is from.

~Supa Dupa Size~

No goodies, sorry! [Mon., Jun. 21st, 2004
At 10:03 pm]

Lookie, lookie. I made this journal its very own button! Okay, nothing to get excited about, but I'm happy!
Now, if anyone was kind enough to link to this journal, they could use this button:

~58 - Supa Dupa Size~

Random Hanson [Sat., Jun. 12th, 2004
At 12:02 am]

I've converted back to Hanson icons after a brief making of... other stuff.
I was bored.
As much as I love making Hanson icons, someone needs to suggest something OTHER for me to make. =P

Comment if taking any! Credit is appreciated, but not required.
Most are bases because I'm bad at thinking of text and all. I can write something on them if you want, though... Or you could yourself. Whatever floats your boat (or white yacht for two).

The whole restCollapse )

~18 - Supa Dupa Size~

Frogs, sharks, flowers, and Urinetown thrown in [Mon., Jun. 7th, 2004
At 3:14 am]


Well, first a Urinetown icon. Better one coming soon because the image for this one is sucky and hard to read.... Think I'll take a picture of my own shirt to get a better picture.

Now to the bases.
No credit needed... just please comment! And I'll customize them for you, or you can customize them yourself.


The frogsCollapse )


The flowersCollapse )


The sharksCollapse )

~7 - Supa Dupa Size~

Looking back [Sun., Jun. 6th, 2004
At 5:55 pm]

Looking back, I've realized how much my older icons sucked, haha.
Sorry there's no icons in this entry... I just needed to get that off my chest. I'll make some non-Hanson icons later since every icon I ever make seems to be Hanson. I'll make some Degrassi icons... yes, Degrassi icons sound good.

~44 - Supa Dupa Size~

Just Hanson bases [Sat., Jun. 5th, 2004
At 11:03 pm]

13 Hanson bases (# of songs on their CDs!)
No credit required; just comment if taking any...
Customization encouraged, and I'll add words to them or whatever if you want.


+ 12 moreCollapse )

~2 - Supa Dupa Size~

Transparency + animation [Thu., Jun. 3rd, 2004
At 5:50 pm]

When I try to animate something, it takes away any transparency stuff in the icon. Anyone know how to fix this?

~14 - Supa Dupa Size~

Ben Jelen templated [Mon., May. 31st, 2004
At 1:03 am]

Just a Ben Jelen icon!

~2 - Supa Dupa Size~

Heart [Sun., May. 30th, 2004
At 4:12 pm]

I was playing around with templates (instead of cleaning my room, heh).
Look, Zac has a heart on his head!

~16 - Supa Dupa Size~

Drake Bell templated [Fri., May. 28th, 2004
At 12:42 am]

Today I learned how to make icons with templates! Yay for me!
Soon I'll make my own templates.
But for now, if you use one of these three icons, credit both me and also whurledpeaz (who made the templates! Her template site.). And comment please. =) These took me a long time to make because I didn't know how to make icons with templates, lol.

The other twoCollapse )

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